Dental implants

There are several causes of missing teeth. Most people experience tooth loss because of old age. This is because the muscles in our jaws weaken, which leads to teeth loss. Decaying tooth also plays a major part in missing teeth because they have to be extracted so as not to infect other teeth.

Gum diseases, periodontitis, gingivitis, and poor nutrition also contribute to tooth loss. Thankfully, missing teeth can be replaced by a skilled dentist. In Belgrade, dental implants are the most contemporary means with which we can replace missing teeth. There are many consequences to losing a tooth. Aside from the disfiguring look and awkward smile, your teeth that are adjacent to that area start moving and invading that space.

Over time, the tooth from the opposing arch can migrate into that space, giving your face a crooked look. By consulting a dentist, our patients can avoid having an asymmetric smile. Tooth loss can also affect your speech. Our teeth and lips work together to enable us to pronounce words, phrases, and sentences properly. With missing teeth, you would have trouble with your pronunciation. Missing teeth can also affect your teeth’s function.

By acquiring the services of a quality, dental implants will enable you to chew and grind your food properly. Dental implants can also greatly improve your self-esteem. In having teeth restorations done by a dentist, patients will not only improve their appearance, but their confidence as well. In the past, our profession used to fabricate bridges to overcome this tooth loss. The detriment to that approach was that you would have to involve teeth adjacent to the area and prepare them to accommodate the appliance. That approach has now changed.

Over the last two decades, our profession has made significant advances. A dentist now places an implant into the site that has the missing tooth. Once that is healed, we simply seat an abutment (post) and then fabricate a crown (cap) on top of that. Implants have dramatically improved life styles for both patient and dentist.

During any dental treatment, we strongly keep in mind the rule of thumb to carry out all operation free of pain. Most surgical procedures in our center are performed under local anesthesia, hence a patient do not feel any pain. On the other hand, it is possible during long-lasting procedures support the effect of local anesthesia with so-called analgosedation. Attending anesthetist gives medication i.v. (i.v. sedation). The patient under this anesthesia is conscious, however most of the operation time he/she sleeps. This approach lets us do operations on an outpatient basis, meaning that patients accompanied by a person go home after a surgery.

Dental implant procedures in Dental studio Maja, include highly recognized manufacturers of dental implants:

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